Hi! My name is Stephanie Vercier, and I love telling stories, especially of the romantic variety. I've written about younger adults going through the angst of finding their way in life, as well as more mature men getting a chance at love again with younger women who are looking for something different than the life they'd been raised to live. I do my best to write suspense into my stories and am constantly working on trying to become a better writer while exploring new types or romantic stories to tell.

I live in beautiful Tacoma, Washington, with my husband and five adorable cats. I'm a hiker, a reader, a writer and have been a fan of stories with romantic pairings since I was a kid watching All My Children with my Mom.

I started writing poetry as a tween and finished the first very messy draft of a novel when I was eighteen. I've since written the skeletons of many books, created many characters and shared many chapters with my writing group. But I'd never fully completed a book until I began self publishing and am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to share my work.