Between the Boys (Basin lake series book one)

Paige Kessel’s childhood was close to perfect with a best friend next door, a swing set in her Seattle backyard and a family she loved. But when her father died from complications of multiple sclerosis, Paige, her mom, and two younger sisters were forced to live with Paige’s grandmother in the small Eastern Washington town of Basin Lake.

Things were anything but perfect on her first day at a new school until two boys, Evan and Garrett, promised they’d make Basin Lake just like home for her.

Eight years later and high school coming to a close, those two boys have become men as well as Paige’s best friends. With her life already complicated by a breakup and a disastrous change in college plans, she receives a declaration of love from one of them and an offer she can’t refuse from the other.

Evan Mattson’s life has always looked idyllic from the outside, but looks can be deceiving. When Paige entered his world in the fourth grade, he was overcome with an interest in her that has only magnified over the years. When Garrett Hevener, his best friend and high-school football star, appears to finally be taking romantic note of her, Evan must make a grand overture to keep her in his life.

Eventually, Evan will have to decide whether or not to let Paige in on the secrets he’s been guarding. It’s a decision that has the power to save or destroy their increasingly fragile relationship while Paige is faced with having to make the heartbreaking choice of which man she loves as a friend and which man she can’t live without.

Between the Boys is book one of The Basin Lake Series and may be read as a standalone novel.