At sixteen, Emma Chambers had a mother who drank too much and a father who didn’t pay her enough attention. When her science teacher took an interest, she’d hoped for a supportive friend. But when the relationship turned physical and became exposed, she had to face the consequences of trusting him.

Three years later, Emma is nineteen and making a habit of sneaking into nightclubs where she attempts to numb the pain of her past with men, music, and most importantly alcohol. Blindsided into accompanying her ex-boyfriend to Seattle’s hottest club, Rampage, she meets John, a tall, gorgeous guy with the most beautiful blue-gray eyes she’s ever seen. He ignites in her a hopeful spark that burns through her numbness.

But could a man like John, handsome, successful and established, really love a girl like Emma and the painful secrets that accompany her?

John Mercer’s life has been planned out for him since he was a little boy, expected to follow in his father’s footsteps while being paired with the woman his mother deems perfect. When he starts to push back, ending his relationship and reevaluating his future, he meets Emma. She’s the beautiful girl dancing at the nightclub he and his friends are at, and when he spots her, he’s left a little breathless.

John’s friend is interested in the chestnut-haired beauty too, but as John and Emma embark on a blossoming romance, a far bigger threat looms. It will force John to reexamine his own past and decide how far he’ll go to protect the woman he has fallen so desperately in love with.

Broken by Love is book two of The Basin Lake Series and may be read as a standalone novel.