The Basin Lake Series

This romantic series follows young interconnected characters in their late teens and early twenties through major changes in their life. As they face the challenges of adulthood, they will also fight to be with the person they love. The books may be read in series form or as standalone novels.


Between the Boys is told in the alternating POV's of Paige Kessel and Evan Mattson as they navigate a friendship that began in grade school and has blossomed into something more complicated as high school ends and college begins.


The second book in the series, Broken by Love, follows Emma Chambers, Paige's best childhood friend from Seattle, and John Mercer, a handsome and successful lawyer in the making. Both have shadows in their pasts, ones they will have to face if they hope to keep the love they have found with one another alive.


Between the Girls is the third book in the series and returns us to Basin Lake. Claire Kessel, Paige's middle sister, thinks she has her entire future figured out when she meets Tyler Duncan. He's the mysterious new high school senior who has a painful secret, and he'll take Claire's life for an unexpected turn.

Unbroken by Love v1.jpg

The final book, Unbroken by Love, revisits the roots of the series when Garrett Hevener returns to Basin Lake to find another newly returned resident, Kate Kessel, Paige's youngest sister. Kate is no longer the little girl with a juvenile infatuation for Garrett, a man who has also changed a great deal in his time away. Both have pasts littered with complications, but they might just be able to push past them to find real love