The Light Before Us

With a plastic surgeon father and plastic surgery obsessed mother, Natalie Bouchard has been raised to believe image is everything, even at the cost of your own happiness. Natalie has mostly always gone along with their perfect plans for her, but at twenty-one and facing the reality of having to marry a man she has never loved, she can't imagine settling for a marriage as fake as her mother's silicone injected lips. In thinking of a true union, she conjures up the image of her father's colleague, the very handsome Jack Pierce, and his beautiful wife. They have something she can only hope to attain one day. They make her believe something real exists outside the bubble of her life in Seattle, and she must make a bold decision to change that life forever.

Jack Pierce has never allowed the nature of his work as a plastic surgeon to make his life feel any less authentic. With an established career in his mid thirties, the most important things to him remain family, friends and the love of his wife, Marjorie. But when things take an unexpected turn, he finds himself truly alone. He's only looking for a way to escape it all when his path crosses with Natalie, the daughter of his business partner. She is a beautiful young woman that makes him imagine a future and a fresh start. But Jack and Natalie will find their path to make a life together anything but easy.

The Light Before Us is a STANDALONE older man, younger woman romance novel. There is sexual content, language and some violence that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.